Making It Through Troubled Times and the Will to Persevere

The last few days have been really hard on me. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually.

I’ve been putting in 18 hour days almost completely focused on getting Performancing back up to speed. Admittedly, I did very little of the sweat work. About four others were doing the hard stuff.

But the whole experience has really worn me thin.

Fact is, I love Performancing. While there were moments over the last few days when I just wanted to quit and walk away, I knew I couldn’t. We have something too good going here for me to let it go.

Thanks for your patience. Mistakes were made. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully lessons have been learned.

I’m shot.

Off to enjoy myself with a sweet game of Flyers’ hockey tonight (Rangers don’t stand a chance). Catch you tomorrow. And let’s hope that the trouble is behind us.

20 thoughts on “Making It Through Troubled Times and the Will to Persevere

  1. Does everyone remember when Webmaster World was down for like 4 or 5 days straight? Not their fault…it was with their pipeline…but still…that was devastating!

  2. Hi Ryan

    I’m glad to see you guys back! And my fingers are crossed that it’s smooth sailing! Downtime is hard for everyone, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  3. I think it is fair to say that no matter how many gremlins attack the technology it is the community that makes Performancing what it is. Thanks Ryan for keeping the Performancing boat afloat

  4. Goodness…I really thought it was my connection!!! I kept checking back all day thinking it was my crappy broadband’s fault. I’m so glad Performancing’s up and running again. Thanks, everyone. =D

  5. Thanks, Ryan, for all the persistent, hard work. We know you do it for the love, not the money!

  6. Thanks for all your hard work getting the site back up Ryan. Hope you have a nice time at the game!

  7. I went through downtime of all my sites twice .. in Mid-June and again in Mid-August due to growing pains and CPU resource overages .. and it’s a double whammy too, because it’s hard to concentrate on the ‘other’ offline stuff, because your mind is concentrated on the online stuff.

    But, there is always good news with the bad news … the good news being that my server wasn’t blocking Performancing yesterday all day when it was down … I was beginning to get worried (j/k) // Glad to see ya back.

  8. Did I ever tell you how much I hate sports? Enjoy Flyers and enjoy taking some time for you. I know how much Performancing means to you and how hard you worked these past few days. Thanks for everything.

    – Deb

  9. Thanks so much for getting it back up, Ryan. I really missed the site the last few days. Have fun watching PHilly + Rangers at the hockey game tonight.

  10. You don’t get knocked on your *ss on a quarterly basis by something you *could* have anticipated if you had the staff/time/money to execute on it.

    Personally I treat those bruises with products from Scotland. YMMV.


  11. Downtime sucks so hard it blows. And Performancing is definitely an indispensable resource for bloggers. Good to see it back online again.

  12. I’m glad to see it back up and running again. I don’t know of a better resource that has all you need in one easy to find spot.

    In fact, I refused to even look for another resource and put my faith in the database problems being fixed because I had faith that Perf would be back. It’s nice to have your faith repaid

    Thanks Ryan and the rest of the team who slaved to get it back up.

  13. Yeah, tell me about it. pMetrics going down for so long was the last thing I needed right now. I have things I absolutely needed to finish before Friday night, but now there’s no way that will happen.

  14. Good to see that you care so much about Perf Ryan. Sometimes it’s not whether you fall but how you get back up again that counts.

    And I think many of the ‘older’ members here will attest to that feeling of something special – it’s why we’re here every morning, even if we don’t write and comment, but just to say a virtual hello and see what’s happening.

  15. Sorry to hear about all the stress you’ve gone through in the last couple of days. 18 hour days filled with stress get old quick.

    Thanks for sticking around. I missed Performancing during those downtimes. Thank you and also to the others for bringing it back to life. I hope the server works well in the future. I’ve learned and am learning a lot here. It’s been a great place to blog and meet people.

    Have fun at the game and focus on being a sports fan Here’s to better days.

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