Downtime apology and explanation

Please accept our apologies for the pMetrics downtime this week. We had an unexpected but serious database corruption that took a long time to fix, much longer than anyone anticipated. We should have been more vocal about this, as we have in the past, and will try to do so next time. It kept seeming like it was almost fixed, and then something else would happen. Time flies and here we are two days later.

But things are finally back to normal again… well, except for the fact that you have several days of traffic missing. But don’t worry, we still have it, it just hasn’t been processed yet. Being that pMetrics is more focused on the present than the past, we are giving your new traffic priority. The traffic that’s missing should show up in your account within several days.

6 thoughts on “Downtime apology and explanation

  1. The data should appear in your account sometime this coming week. I’m not planning to make an announcement when it happens, just keep your eyes peeled.

    Kirk – we haven’t moved to the new database server yet. We plan to make it seamless for the most part, by using a temporary domain during the DNS change, but there may still be brief interruption of service. There will be an announcement when the transfer is about to take place though. Currently planning for this coming week.

  2. Thanks for letting us know. I know what a pain it can be trying to recover from a DB corruption. Good job getting it back up.

    Just wondering…have you folks started the move to the new server(s) yet? Wondering if there might be some additional downtime to expected during the switch over.

  3. It was really frustrating.
    Next time a warning/information/apologize email would help.
    Happy to know that lost data will come back 🙂
    Keep up the good work and your customers informed.
    Thank you

  4. The downtime was frustrating, but these things happen. Good job getting it back up and running.

    Will there be an announcement when we should be able to go back and review the data from the past few days?

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