Magnify StumbleUpon Traffic With pMetrics Spy

One cool thing I’ve been doing with pMetrics lately is monitoring my sites, in real time, for any natural Stumble Upon traffic. In the past few weeks, from time to time, I’ve caught some brief traffic trickles come in from StumbleUpon. With pMetrics, I see this happen in real time, and capitalize on it.

Here’s why pMetrics helps: the StumbleUpon algorithm uses voting momentum to determine how much traffic to send to any given webpage. Instead of waiting until the next day to notice that StumbleUpon has been sending traffic to one of your pages, pMetrics let’s you see it live as it’s happening.

How To Magnify Your Natural Stumble Traffic

Say I’m monitoring pMetrics Spy for Performancing and notice five visitors referred by StumbleUpon to Raj’s article on 41 Reasons Your Blog Probably Sucks. While having this knowledge is fun, this is where you take action to capitalize on Stumble momentum.

Step 1: Visit the page yourself and stumble it, with a review
Step 2: Find some friends to stumble the article for you as well

If all goes well, and you get a few fresh stumbles over a few hours, you should start seeing a steadier flow of traffic coming to that page.

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  1. Speaking of pmetrics, why aren’t my links or searches showing up? Everything else seems right, just missing the details…? Thanks for your post.

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