Linking Wars: Scoble vs Engadget

Hard to miss the blood on the pavement left behind by Scoble and Engadget going at it like a couple of rabid dogs (well ok, Ryan BLock kept his cool) this weekend — over what? Who got a story out first of course…

I feel for Scoble, he thought he had the scoop, but whether he got his story out 1/2hr before Engadget or not, it makes no difference, they have their own sources, and they didn’t need Scoble to get their story out so in my mind, Scoble looses — and he’s making himself look a twit for getting all huffy in public over it (says the master of public huff…)

Having said that, Engadget know this to be rude. Really, really rude, so boo to them, bastards.

3 thoughts on “Linking Wars: Scoble vs Engadget

  1. Children! Caught in the loop of me first and my ego is bigger than your ego. Who cares who broke whatever first? Who cares if he/she/it got proper credit?

    I mean really already with your vanity….

    Here’s a breaking story and I get the scoop:

    99.999999999999999995 of the population of people that might be interested in what you write, could give a damn if you wrote it first or not!

    Did you write it better? Do I subscribe to you, because I like what you cover? That is all anybody gives a rats ass about. No one but people in the blogging “biz” care who was first. Wake up and smell the stupidity!

  2. I smell Linkbait.

    Seems to me that Scoble and Engadget are getting more attention from the fight than from the actual news.

    Nothing wrong with linkbait and nothing wrong with showing your emotions on your blogosphere sleeve either.

    Its good manners to link to sources, but I don’t think that its realistic to expect good manners on the internet, especially from competitors, there’s far more traffic to be had from bad manners.

    I am not supporting or promoting the degradation of civility in the blogosphere, but I would propose that it mostly ceased to exist a few minutes after inception.

    Saying that I think it might be an interesting endeavor for the blogosphere to unite and stop linking to the New York Times for a day or a week or something and find other sources instead . . . .

  3. Just two egos banging heads. Soon they will puff out their chests and start shaking their tail feathers at each other.

    If nothing else a big debate between two “A list” bloggers is a great way for them to get more links. (as if either of them need it)

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