Linkbaiting Outside Your Niche

Yesterday I unveiled my most successful linkbait ever. In less than 24 hours, across two days, the linkbait resulted in over 1.4 million pageviews. I learned something important in the process:

The best linkbait targets multiple niches and expands your audience.

Did you catch that? It’s critical. The best linkbait will target a large audience that stands outside your normal audience.

So how do you create cross-niched linkbait? It’s actually not that difficult. Start by writing a list of the most popular topics on the web:

  • Humor
  • Women’s products
  • Sports
  • Celebrity
  • Politics
  • Music
  • Television
  • Religion
  • Gadgets and Tech
  • Dating
  • Pets
  • Cars

The list could go on and on, but you get the point. Now brainstorm how your specific topic might relate to each of these topics in a unique way. Let’s say that you have a blog about dogs:

  • 25 Funny Dog Quotes / 25 Hilarious Dog Videos
  • 25 Ways To Dress Up You Dog / 25 Ways To Pamper Your Dog
  • 25 Athletes and their dogs / 25 Famous Sports Dogs
  • 25 Celebrities and their dogs / 25 Celebrities and the dog breeds they look like
  • 25 Politicians and their dogs / 25 Ways That Politicians are like dogs
  • 25 HipHop Artists and their dogs / 25 Dogs That Have Appeared In HipHop Videos
  • 25 Famous TV Dogs / 25 Great Dog Commercials
  • What 25 Religions Say About Dogs / 25 Things We Can Learn About Religion By Looking at Dogs
  • 25 Funky Gadgets For Dogs / 25 Technological Advances That Have Made Dog Owning Easier
  • 25 Ways Dogs Are Better Than Cats / 25 Pets and How Dogs will Relate to Them
  • 25 Cars That Are Perfect For Your Dog / 25 Tips For Taking Your Dog On The Road

The great thing about cross-niched linkbait is that it not only targets a new audience, but it also gives you a great way to brainstorm new angles on your own niche. And if there’s only one rule in social media it’s this: create something uniquely interesting or funny and chances are you’ll reap dividends.

5 thoughts on “Linkbaiting Outside Your Niche

  1. Haha..Awesome. You cannot go to a social news site without seeing a top 10 list. Top 25 is the way to go and if they go top 25 you go top 40!

  2. Cross-niched linkbaiting also offers a way use humorous content without damaging a companies professional image. For instance a serious article can be given a satirical image. This works well when you are providing a solution to a frustrating problem.

    For instance – you might run a site that sells baby gifts.. a relatively difficult thing to linkbait. You know that humour could help you rank well on digg but you also know that the wrong type of humour can make your company look unprofessional.

    To solve this you could write a serious article which talks about how to get babies to stop crying – link worthy material for a parenting site such as, however to give it a humouros edge you could start the article with an image portraying how frustrating a crying baby can be. The image itself is linkworthy material for digg given the right title but in itself will not hurt your professional branding.

  3. Wow. Linkbaiting, huh?

    Sounds fun and tantalizng. I will have to give that a try.

    Thanks for sharing the linkbaiting love!

    Latarsha Lytle, MBA, small business success strategist and professional positioning expert.

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