Link: for the Virtual Workfoce

In his launchpost rebooting the workforce, Om Mailik introduces a new blog focusing on the virtual workforce. Those of you working from home, or from “anywhere” might like to grab the feed here.

It’s nice to see that this site, headed up by Jackson West, launch with a whole bunch of good posts in the archives. One such post is the new office space.


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3 thoughts on “Link: for the Virtual Workfoce

  1. @Chris: The same in Germany. The boss pays you so he wants to see you because he thinks he owns you. Very few companies have a ‘work done’ or ‘milestone’ approach.

  2. Remember that this segment of the workforce is tiny overall. I do see it shifting more and more over the next 10-15 years.

    I agree with Chris that “working from home” from a large corporate employer is difficult.

  3. I will be adding this to my daily feeds.

    Have to say though I think the working from home opportunities are grossly overstated right now, at least in my experience. Check out a lot of the freelance/contract web development offers, a good deal of them expect you to work from the companies office or even relocate. Even industries that *should* have lots of work from home potential are not up there as you would expect.

    When I worked in marketing or did programming the only work from home I did off my own back in my own time, in all the years and jobs from leaving school I wasn’t allowed to work from home *instead of* the office once. Of course they were happy for me to work through Christmas (with no overtime pay or even a thankyou) but on normal mon-fri I had to be in the office to do what I could more easily and productively do from home.

    The only way you get freedom from the office is with an enlightened boss (and understanding co-workers) or being your own boss. I hope it’s only the UK, or even better just the part of it I have had the misfortune to experience, that is so backward. I love working from home now, never want to go back!

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