Let’s Be Friends On Reddit

In my opinion, Reddit is the most consistently interesting social media platform around today. Despite being ridiculously simple and having the least number of hoops to jump through to register and submit, I think it offers the most interesting stream of Internet news around.

In addition to the main page of Reddit, one of the places I hang out the most is the page where all my friends post their latest stories:

I visit this page about 5x per day and vote for all the stories that my friends have submitted. And many of my friends do the same for me.

Why not post your reddit username in the comment section so that I can add you as a friend and vote on your stories.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Be Friends On Reddit

  1. I just signed up on Reddit. My username is domfosnz. I’m keen to make some friends

    BTW, I’m domfosnz on the rest of them too – SU, Twitter, digg, etc, etc.

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