July 2007 Theme Sponsorship

Although the June 2007 theme has not yet been released, we did have a winning bidder (the t-shirt site Fusilly). With this imminent release, we’ll be able to provide you with test case results for what exactly a sponsorship gets you.

The time has now come to open up bidding on the July 2007 theme. Bids can start at $500. Remember, you are bidding on the following:

  1. A permanent link from the the highly trusted performancing.com domain
  2. Hundreds or thousands of links from those who install the theme on their WordPress blog

4 thoughts on “July 2007 Theme Sponsorship

  1. Just a quick note to say that the July theme’s sponsorship has now been agreed and so this offer is now closed.

  2. As embarrassing as this is, I have to back down this month. I spent my whole bank on buying a bunch of small sites and a pile of domains, having forgotten about the July theme.


  3. Just a note that there was $500 bid from Raj for the July theme in the previous thread for June.

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