pMetrics WordPress plugin now available

pMetrics now has an official WordPress plugin available for those of you with self hosted WordPress blogs. “Self hosted” is the key phrase. Blogs on the domain aren’t allowed to install plugins! 🙁

This plugin automatically adds your tracking code to the bottom of all pages on your site, you just have to give it your site id. It also automatically filters out traffic from admins (can be disabled) and does the whole custom data tracking thingamabob for users with PRO accounts (automatically names your visitors based on what they have entered in your comment field, can be disabled).

The plugin is available here! If you install this plugin, be sure to REMOVE your current tracking code that you had installed previously, as you can’t have more than one!

I don’t have a WordPress blog so it hasn’t been thoroughly tested, but worked fine for a test blog I set up. It was tested on version 2.1. I’m guessing it will work fine with 2.0 and 2.2, but probably not anything before 2.0. I’m not a WordPress expert, but this plugin is pretty simple so I don’t foresee any problems. Please report on any compatibility issues, your comments and bug reports are welcome!

15 thoughts on “pMetrics WordPress plugin now available

  1. If everything is already working for you fine as is, there’s probably not a need. But, it does have a few extra (optional) features. One is that you can automatically ignore your own visits (unless you’re using WP-CACHE in which case it won’t work). The other is that it will automatically tag your visitors by name and send that data to pMetrics, although that only works if you have a Pro account (or while you’re on your 21 day trial).

  2. What advantage would I get or what difference it will bring if I install and activate the plugin compare with the code that I placed in my footer?

  3. It’s worth pointing out that if you are logged in to your blog, you won’t see the Javascript in the source file. Maybe that’s obvious to everyone but it stumped me for a while. It’s a foolproof way of ignoring your own page loads!

  4. Good suggestion, I really don’t know much about WordPress however. This plugin was fairly easy to write because it just outputs a bit of HTML in the footer. Customizing other areas is beyond my knowledge. Eventually I’d like to hire someone who knows what they’re doing to write a kick ass plugin that does it all.

  5. haven’t installed this yet, but one suggestion is to add a link from the Dashboard that says “pMetrics Stats” or something like that. That way, if your pMetrics stats are public, you can let all your blog writers easily monitor stats without having to remember the pMetrics link.

  6. I just recently signed up for pMetrics and was searching for a WordPress plugin, but I couldn’t find one. I was actually going to create my own plugin for pMetrics. Thankfully you released your own plugin before I had the chance to embark on creating my own! You saved me many hours of work! 😀

    EDIT: Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work on my blog.

  7. Paultan – If you are using WP-CACHE, you will need to delete your cached files so they are regenerated, otherwise this plugin won’t make it into your HTML source until your files start expiring. Thanks for the note though, I added a note about WP-CACHE on the plugin page, as I know that is a popular plugin.

  8. Chuck, thanks, I have fixed that.

    RLDigital, if you just click on the “download plugin” instead of right-click-save, it will show you the source code.

    There are quite a few problems being reported on our blog. Unfortunately the bug reports are very general in nature, so I have no idea what’s really going on or what could be the cause of the problem. I uploaded a new version of the plugin today, so if you are having any problems please try out the new version. If you have problems to report, please be very specific about what the problem is.

    Also please be sure you read all of the instructions on the plugin page to ensure you are doing everything correctly.

  9. installed, activated, but it doesnt work for me, even though i have the wp_footer thing in my theme.

    btw, does this play nice with wp-cache?

  10. Could you kindly post the code somewhere? What I am getting as a download is not even a php file. Yes, I did save it as pmetrics.php.

    Tx, Robert

  11. I believe you may be missing a closing script tag in the plugin. On the line starting with:

    script type='text/javascript' src='".$PMETRICS['site_id'].".js'

    That should be followed by a close script tag.

    Other than that, seems to work fine. I tested the filter admin function and that works as well.

  12. Nice! I’m going to give it a go tonight on the blog – Thanks for the upgrade to the Pro account as well. You might be interested to know that Pmetrics has now become my most used statistics tracker on the site now, although I do run a couple others just to get a feel to see which ones are more accurate.

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