Is Your Linkbait Gimmicky?

Don’t force your content into the mold of a social media user base in exchange for a quick fix.

Lots of blogs are going in the wrong direction by building gimmicky linkbait designed to push the buttons of Digg users. Gimmicky linkbait is a waste of time and resources in exchange for a quick fix – the rush of traffic over the course of 2 days. Instead, you should be building strong, solid resources that will stand the test of time and establish your site as an authority.

The fact of the matter is that Digg is no longer the guaranteed linkbuilder it used to be. Sure, you’ll get lots of links from Digg accounts and lots of links from Digg syndicators and lots of links from duplicate content. But that’s not really the best kind of linkage. What you really want is for other sites in your niche to notice you and to view you as a credible source of information.

Digg should be secondary in your linkbuilding plan. It’s not that Digg is bad, but you shouldn’t shape your content around the Digg user base while alienating or ignoring your own user base. Instead, put a lot of time into building the best, most interesting resources in your own niche. And only as an afterthought consider whether it might do well on Digg. Even if it isn’t the kind of content that would do well on Digg, it will probably do well on Stumble…maybe Reddit…and maybe Mixx (a new favorite of mine).

So the basic principle is this: think long term with your linkbuilding plans. Build content and resources that will be soaked up by other fanatics in your niche.

Let social media follow your content, and not the other way around.

3 thoughts on “Is Your Linkbait Gimmicky?

  1. People talk a lot about traffic numbers, but I’d rather have 1 visitor who spends 20 minutes at my site looking at a couple pages and bookmarking it on Internet Explorer than 50 Digg visitors who will never come back.

  2. >>Let social media follow your content, and not the other way around.

    That may be the smartest thing you’ve said, and you say a lot of smart things.

    Great post. I hope people are listening.

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