If you really want to be successful online…

… get ready to dig in and be persistent.

That’s the key. To be successful online you need to have the persistence of a rat terrier who’s trying to dig under the neighbor’s fence.

A few months ago, Performancing decided to try an experiment. As experts, we know what works and what doesn’t. So we put together a bunch of professional services that we would want to use.

This was a risk. Most people are looking for quick fixes. Even in corporate America, you’d be surprised by the vast number of paid professionals who are more impressed by a short term digg-bait that sends 30k visitors (with zero conversion) versus a nice, steady growth in search engine referrals (which actually convert).

But we know better. We know that the only real path to success online is to nail the SERPs. And the only way to nail the SERPs is to take a long-term, steady approach to authority building.

That’s why we decided to name our cornerstone service “Authority Builder” – because that’s what it’s all about. Twelve months of growth in quality content and quality links.

If you’re not in it for the long haul, and you’re only impressed by pretty spikes in (irrelevant) traffic, then you’re chasing a pipe-dream. Spikes in traffic are only good if they lead to long-term success. Social Media should be *part of* but not *all of* your plans for online marketing.

At Performancing, we know what it takes to achieve long term success online and we’re now excited to be working with some really great clients who understand the vision.

But do you understand the vision? Whether you work with Performancing or not, we encourage you to buckle down and be persistent, because at the end of the day, that’s the only guaranteed method for making money online.

7 thoughts on “If you really want to be successful online…

  1. Thanks, Ryan! As a newbie blogger, this was exactly what I needed to hear. I am aware of the importance of persistence here, but nice to see it all spelled out in black and white. I am going to need all my Cancerian powers (tenacious crab…?) to dig in.

    Thanks also for clearing up the social media vs search engines thing. I get more traffic from Stumbleupon and relatively lesser from the SEs, but those few results make me happier than the SU inflow.

  2. and the odd thing is that people in search of the easy way will spend thousands to huckster marketers selling them “the solution”.

  3. If this wasn’t true, we’d all be rich, wouldn’t we? 😉 But the “dig in and be persistent” message isn’t always what people want to hear. If fact, they go searching regularly to find someone who’ll tell them the exact opposite of what they already know. I guess we all want things to be easier sometimes but it really is a counter-productive desire.

  4. Definitely one of the hardest things to do- being persistent, especially after that first couple of months of new blog bliss wears off.

  5. It’s the one thing most of the “ebooks” leave out, it takes time and hard work. It’s true of everything worth doing. Lose weight? Work harder, eat right. No magic, just persistence in reaching your goal. There are obviously methods to make “easy money” but they never last and they risk doing more harm than good. I’m glad to see more places focusing on solid, hard work and good quality results.

  6. Ryan: You wrote what I was thinking of writing last night. ‘Persistence’ and ‘patience’ and ‘planning’ may sound cliched, but most search engines probably like to see steady, organic growth of a site rather than a slam-dunk linkbait that gets a huge influx of links all at once – especially if the site never gets anymore links. The ideal client understands this, and doesn’t freak out when they only get 10,000 visitors this time. Temporal/ trends is where it’s at.

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