IE Gets A Little More

The team over at have announced that they have officially released the Delicious Bookmarks Add-On for Internet explorer. This extension promises to bring you the best features found within the FireFox version with a few features exclusive to IE. The extension is compatible with Windowx XP, Windows Vista for IE6 and IE7. The Delicious team claims that the addon should work with IE8 but with no guarantees as IE8 support is still in beta.

To grab a copy of Delicious for IE, head on over to their dedicated page for IE and download version 1.0

I’ve only recently begun to use the bookmarking extension for FireFox and have enjoyed the bookmark replacement system. I’m happy to see that the team has not forgotten about the IE users, a group which seems to be getting smaller every day. Speaking of IE, how many of you folks are using Internet Explorer on a daily basis?

6 thoughts on “IE Gets A Little More

  1. In fact, I have to use IE 6 on a daily basis (ugh). My desktop is not my own at work so I can’t install software. I’m stuck with IE 6 for ‘security reasons’, despite the fact that it’s the buggiest, holiest broswer still in common use.

    I read somewhere recently (can’t remember where, I’m afraid) that IE 6 is still the most common browser out there, as much as we all wish it otherwise. I think enterprises like mine can be thanked for that one.

  2. I like Firefox 3 just fine. The ‘awesome bar’ alone makes it worthwhile. Bookmarking is much improved too. It’s an evolutionary update, to be sure, but some of the extra features sure feel pretty revolutionary.

    I know what you meant by bookmark replacement, Jeff, and I still have a problem giving over to all-online bookmarking. I save very few links locally these days, but sometimes it seems more appropriate to.

  3. Just looked at my stats. IE (all versions) accounts for 10% of my blog visitors. I use IE just for testing blog layout, but sure it is interesting to have such a tool for the browser.

    I use Flock, bookmarks are available in Online Favorites. Like that very much.

  4. Ahh, what I meant by bookmark replacement is that instead of bookmarking something and having it take space in FireFox always serving as a reminder to read it, I just bookmark/tag it and will eventually get to it without it taking up space. Pretty nifty.

    How has your experience been with FireFox 3 Foo?

  5. Nah, I haven’t used IE in some time. I guess I could use WINE to run it, but that seems perverse to me. I even have my girlfriend using FF, and she hates learning new software. (The security scaremongering convinced her! 😉

    I love the Delicious Firefox add-on, but I’ve never got on with the full blown ‘bookmark replacement’ version. I was pleased to see that the new FF3 add-on has a ‘classic’ mode, that just lets me speed up bookmarking and tagging.

    It’s interesting that the IE plugin seems to have some extras I don’t recognise (alerts, network and inbox activity). Maybe those are in the full FF plugin though – I guess I wouldn’t know.

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