How You Can Take Advantage of The Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Picture Scandal

There’s an uproar going on right now in the main stream media over the Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photo scandal.

As a blogger, now’s your chance to get some free attention by writing what SEO wizard Graywolf calls scandal bait.

The first step for writing scandal bait is to reject the idea that you’re being spammy. Scandal bait normally only works when you offer a unique and interesting perspective on the topic.

You might ask “What does Miley Cyrus and her Vanity Fair photo shoot have to do with my site on raising kids?” Well, this is where scandal bait becomes fun and creative. It’s basically a chance to do quick-paced brainstorming. How can I write about this topic?

Well, if you have a blog on raising kids, then the “hook” is obvious. You want to write about how Miley Cyrus is being a terrible role model to tens of millions of kids. Rip into both her and Vanity Fair for their terrible choice. Presumably her dad to agree to thisthis too.

Here’s your title: 10 Reasons The Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Photo Is Harmful

Ok. So that was easy.

But what if you have a blog about candles or clothes or cats? Not so easy, right? Time to brainstorm hard.

10 Reasons Miley Cyrus Should Put Some Clothes On
How Candles Could Have Improved The Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Shoot
5 Things Miley Cyrus Could Learn From Cats That Vanity Fair Forgot To Mention

Those are the first 3 things I could think of for these 3 topics. But I’m sure there are better options. The point is, whatever you blog about, there is probably an angle that you can take to capture a new audience and expose your readers to a playful, creative line of thought.

7 thoughts on “How You Can Take Advantage of The Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Picture Scandal

  1. Miley Cyrus is a charming and talented girl. i think Hanna Montana is the best show for teenage girls.

  2. I read on TMZ Miley uses Coonobabe makeup. I went to their site, and wanted to know if anyone knows what lipstick/glosses she buys from them? Thanks…Maria.

  3. And if you have a blog like Performancing, you can write something like this post, turning the whole thing into yet another tip or bloggers 😛

    Smart move, and well thought out title 😉

  4. 10 Reasons Miley Cyrus Should Hire a New Makeup Artist and Stop Looking Like a Corpse
    10 Reasons Miley Cyrus Will Be the Next Britney Spears
    10 Reasons Disney Girls Turn Into Trainwrecks

    Have fun.

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