20 thoughts on “How Many Domains Do You Own That Are Laying Dormant?

  1. I’ve actually lost count. A lot of them were trial and error, trying to determine what my business was going to be. Others were blog I attempted and lost interest in. Somewhere this is a large graveyard of dying or deceased domains.

  2. Markie’s efforts echo mine, either ran out of steam with ideas, or perhaps the theme was hot then, but not now. I don’t like keeping them, so I let them expire. It’s much easier to look forward, never backwards.

  3. Seven here, which I’m going to let expire instead of renewing. I thought the domains would be valuable or useful, but, no… I’m not counting alternates like thripp.net and thripp.org which I keep to protect from thieves (and for possible future use).

  4. Thanks for the edit. I screwed up one letter of the word. Sounded right to me and the spell checked didn’t notify me of the mistake.

  5. dormAnt? Is this the kind of insect that lives in student housing facilities?

    Edited the title a bit on Jeff’s behalf.

  6. Am i missing something? What’s with laying dorment? Is this a mere play on words or a private joke around here? An error – occasioned by blogging on the fly – you couldn’t care less to be making?

  7. Some ideas just run out of steam, but some of my sites were based around business models that no longer work, or they were working with partners who changed their commercial policies. As they serve no real purpose, I keep them as internet real estate.

  8. How many think they come up with cool domain names, but they are really lame and only think they have

  9. How many of us come up with a great domain name, buy it, and can’t figure out what to do with it? That’s me!

  10. Its amazing to see that there are some prople who have created more than 20 blogs which are now dorment. We should have few blogs so that its easy to manage them

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