How to Utilize the Personalization Features of Facebook

facebook marketing

facebook marketingFacebook is becoming more intuitive and taking strides to give Facebook page administrators more creative control over their pages. There are several new features that make it possible to have a somewhat cohesive theme throughout the page as a whole.

Cover Photo
Many Facebook users are taking their time when it comes to getting acclimated to the new Facebook Timeline layout, but it  can be a great way to further promote your company and its products. A good example of this would be a website design firm listing their available services, or a business consultancy     including a photo of their office with the contact information. The photo could also change to reflect current marketing promotions or seasonal messages.
Custom Tabs
Custom tabs have been around for years, but they remain under-utilized, especially by small businesses. They have so many uses, but many owners stay away from them because they do require  some set-up time with a knowledge of HTML or FBML. Custom tabs can be used to create contact pages, coupons, event sign-up, and much more. All it takes is the installation of the blank tab app and creating the new page.
Posting Display on Timeline
Another new feature of the Facebook timeline layout is the options to decide how certain posts, timeline milestones, and photos are displayed. They can span the width of the page or just be on one side. Or, they can be removed completely.
Post Promotion
Facebook now allows page owners to promote either their pages via Facebook Advertising on the sidebar, targeted to their demographic,  or the promotion of posts via the option to sponsor it, meaning that the post may show up in target audience members’  newsfeed, even though they haven’t liked your page yet. Users can opt  out of this service, but a highly targeted ad is likely to engage their interest and make them want to “like” your page.
Facebook Offers is slowly rolling out to all pages; it is an option that isn’t available to everyone yet. It allows a business to host a deal or coupon on their page. If someone clicks “get offer”, they will be sent the coupon or offer link through their personal email account that is connected to their Facebook account. Users like claiming offers because it doesn’t tell the company their personal contact information and also allows them to get a great deal.
There are so many different ways to personalize Facebook and make it showcase your company’s personality and the products or services that you have to offer. Not taking advantage of these may only prevent you from being as successful as possible on Facebook.