How to Implement Internet Memes into Your Social Strategy

grumpy cat viral content

grumpy cat viral contentImages and videos that are popular online, such as infographics, grumpy cat, “Charlie Bit My Finger” and others are a great way to stay up-to-date with what the internet is talking about, while also creating a chance for your existing social media profile community to interact with you and each other.

However, the first step toward being successful with occasionally discussing internet memes or viral videos with your audience via social media is to do it the right way. Don’t be cheesy or make it look like you are trying too hard. Make the video or content part of the natural conversation on your social media pages.

For instance, an animal shelter could pull in a photo of grumpy cat with the line, “Find your own grumpy cat at the ASPCA!” Brands that are lighthearted with their responses and tie-ins to viral content will find more success with it than companies that are just posting it to ride the wave of sudden attention the meme or content is experiencing.

Video Responses
For viral videos, many companies and individuals go beyond just posting the video on their blog or social media profiles. They create versions of their own. For instance, after there was a rash of sing-along parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit single, “Call Me Maybe”, even the 2012 USA Olympic Swimming Team got into the action.

Having fun with videos can be a great way to get involved in internet memes while also introducing your customers to your staff in a fun medium.

Asking for Feedback
If a meme is controversial and relates to your company or blog, simply asking discussion questions about the topic on your social media profiles can garner great conversation . For instance, if a questionable parenting topic, such as shaming your children through Facebook, went viral, a parenting blog or toy company could post a link to a story about and ask, “Would you embarrass your kids like this parent? Is it an effective discipline strategy?”
It may be worthwhile to emphasize that stating the company or blog’s policy on the topic, just to make sure everyone knows where they stand on the issue. This can clear the company of choosing sides. Remaining impartial may be the best bet for controversial memes.

No matter how a company chooses to partake in sharing and discussing memes and other viral content, keeping it lighthearted and impartial is usually a best bet.