How Can the 2012 Olympics Help Your Social Media Strategy?

2012 Summer Olympics

2012 Summer OlympicsThe 2012 Summer Olympics is just around the corner, and there are several  different ways that company can embrace this popular worldwide event to tie it in with their current products or marketing campaigns. However, before starting an Olympics-type campaign, it is important to pay attention to copyright and trademark issues. For example, in most cases, the Olympics does not allow their logo (the six multi-colored rings) to be used on any content or media without their prior approval. Remember this when beginning any Olympics-related marketing or advertising.


Giveaways are an easy thing to incorporate into social media while tying in the Olympics. Because social media engagement and participation usually thrives on current events and happenings, holding Olympic-related giveaways can be a great way to make customers feel more connected to a company’s social media presence. This is because the company is involving itself into what customers currently care about, such as events like the Olympics. As mentioned previously, Rafflecopter is a great social media and blog giveaway tool. It makes automating giveaways extremely easy, and it is free to use.

Building Community

Besides giveaways, another way to drive engagement through social media by using the events in the 2012 Summer Olympics is to post conversation builders. This may include asking trivia questions about current Olympic events (e.g. “Who won the Gold medal last night in synchronized swimming?”) as well as posting photos from the events with proper copyright approval. Because many Olympic-watchers are getting into the events every evening, giving customers an outlet to discuss it via Facebook, Twitter chats, Google+ Hangouts, and more can help build a larger community on the company’s profiles.

Conversation builders can also be tied in with giveaways— prizes could be given for the first correct answer to a question or users can post photos from the Olympics to win trips, company products, or other items.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If a company is based in London or does a lot of business in the United Kingdom, then there may be several different sponsorship and advertising options available for reaching participants, fans, and the staff of the 2012 Summer Olympics.  Unfortunately, the deadline for advertising on the Olympics grounds has passed (it was March 31, 2012) but many London newspapers, stores, restaurants, and other establishments that will experience an increase in business may be looking for sponsorships, advertisers, or partnerships during the Olympics.

Giveaways, community building, and sponsorship opportunities are all great ways to tie in the 2012 Olympics with your company’s social media strategy, as with any other global or major event. The Olympics are a part of human history, which makes it a great opportunity to bring companies and individuals together in a positive way.