5 thoughts on “Has The Economy Affected The Way You Blog?

  1. I’m blogging more because it helps drive traffic to my web site and store. Since I’m using it to post and write about photos I’ve taken, it becomes a personal journal or project that’s very meaningful to me, which makes it a good use of my time. And since I’m able to take less money out of my business right now, I’m “paying myself” in the pleasure and accomplishment I get out of blogging. So, it’s win-win, at least for now. I have several different blogs. I post often on the gift shop blog, I also have a blog for my tapir nonprofit, but the one I use most these days is my personal blog with links to everything else. I also have a couple of family blogs. I don’t get bored doing one type of blog day after day. I keep it real, because it is. It’s like journaling or scrapbookinging, with side benefits.

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  3. It seems that I´m getting a lot more traffic thanks to the bad economy.In my niche (home business) people are coming online to look for jobs they can do from home and this has benefited me.

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