What’s Your Most Productive Writing Day?

There are seven days in a week, and each of these has a corresponding value, in terms of productivity. That’s if you believe HR experts, and their studies and surveys on when workers are at their best. Granted, those of us who are into writing or blogging usually have different habits and preferences. But perhaps there are certain times of the day or days in the week when you feel the creative juices just flowing out, waiting to be captured in bits and bytes.

I generally feel most productive with writing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It probably has something to do with the proximity to the weekends. Mondays can be either slow or hectic days. Some may have weekend hangovers (from whatever you’re hung over about, whether it’s alcohol, a vacation or a general sense of relaxedness). And yet others might be catching up on meetings, messages, calls or missed work. Fridays are, of course, when people generally feel more relaxed, looking forward to doing those after-hours activities, like sports, night-outs with the friends, a trip to the pub, a weekend getaway with the family, or such.

But then to someone like me who writes about a wide array of topics, there’s also an altogether different dimension to productivity. There are those times I can be productive with one thing, but not with another. In particular, during the middle of the week, I feel best writing about news, doing reviews, attempting to bait links. Nearing weekends, I feel more comfortable writing editorials and sometimes even fiction. I guess it has something to do about mood, and what I’ve experienced during the week so far (or in the case of Mondays, what I look forward to in the coming week).

In blogging, you also have to consider your readership. Some bloggers shy away from posting in the weekends, because that’s often when readership takes a dip. Same goes with holidays. But yet others take this opportunity to recap and take stock of the best stuff you’ve written or read throughout the week.

What’s your best writing or blogging day? And if you have one (or few) in particular, why is that so?

7 thoughts on “What’s Your Most Productive Writing Day?

  1. I find that in general, my most productive days are toward the beginning of the week and as the week goes on, I work a little less each day. Now, this is really more of a template, it really depends what I have going on that week. For example, I’m in my senior year of college now, and I’ve had lots of projects to do and exams to study for. Usually, the day before an exam will be a light work day for me because I’m preoccupied.

  2. I think Monday is my most productive day because when family members are home on weekends I don’t get as much work done, but spend more time thinking about it. So often on Monday mornings I have a resource of ideas to start with. After working all week long with out daytime interruptions. I have used them up so Fridays are often least productive.

  3. Hey! Interesting question. I think I am the most productive on monday because I got new input for blogging on the weekend and have lot to tell. And I get more and more productive in the evening. The later it gets, the more productive I become.

  4. Being self-employed and can sleep in, I find it easiest to write on Mondays mornings between 12am – 5am. Weekends tends to be more draining than weekdays since that’s when most people tend to want to hang out.

  5. On a Sunday I am relaxed, enjoying surfing the web, reading my RSS feeds and evernote. Creativity is at it’s best, it’s the day I usually write at least 2-4 posts. When I have been working at home, mostly on Thursday and have done a lot of work, writing blog posts is also a relaxing event. It’s a kind of exercise for the brain a digression from work things an worries.
    Kind regards Dr Shock

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