Google PageRank Check In Time

As David and I discussed on the latest edition of Perfcast, Google performed one last PageRank update before the end of 2008. This was confirmed by Matt Cutts on his personal blog on December 31st. Via my SearchStatus FireFox extension, looks like my personal site has remained at a pagerank of 5 while is still at a pagerank of 4. I asked those on Twitter if they noticed a change in their pagerank and this is what they told me:

patrickd88 @jeffr0 is still a 3. moved from unranked to 1.

ajaydsouza @jeffr0 Still at 4 for and

lenire @jeffr0 according to my google rank is 2, is that right?

bgardner @jeffr0 PageRank on is still an 8 – can’t seem to get past that one

itsananderson @jeffr0 PageRank of is still 2. If David is right that means I have less than 1k backlinks

kimparsell @jeffr0 Mine is at 4.

jdhartley @jeffr0 I am at 3. Was at 2

What about your site? Did your pagerank go up, down, or nowhere?

28 thoughts on “Google PageRank Check In Time

  1. I’m a bit late here but I checked and it’s still sitting at PR 5 not that I pay attention to that kind of thing anymore. It seems that the less I post the higher my PR goes.

    Hmm, that in itself should tell me something I think. πŸ˜‰

  2. Page rank is all but dead. It’s a very poor measure of a performance of a website. Traffic and conversion should be what you measure. Plus, if you do keep getting quality backlinks and build traffic in proven ways, you will see an increase in page rank.

  3. Thank you all for the great feedback. Looks like some had great changes while others not so good. Still others saw no change at all. Page Rank is pretty much based on links right?

  4. Hi Jeff,
    I have two blogs and the one I spend most my time on went from pr1 to pr2 ( No surprise since I spend half of every day on it. My business web site ( did not change, it is still pr4, and the question is why? I only post sporadically on it. In the last few months I have been trying to post more often.

  5. I once was 6, they dropped it to 4, raised it back to 5 and then dropped it to 4 again.

    Funny thing is nothing changed. I get just as much search traffic or more, the pages that were at the top of page one still are, so why should I care?

    Because it’s a rank and we care about ranks, right?

  6. I think my site stayed at a page rank 3 because my site is only 4 months old. I believe the next time the Google updates page rank, it should be at about a 4 or 5

  7. My site was PR3 with a 1-page underconstruction in 2007
    I officially opened my site on New Year 08
    then got PR4, went down to 3 and back to 4 now!

  8. Both my sites went up from 2 to 4. I still don’t think PR means all that much though. Doesn’t seem to coincide with my search results, but I could be wrong.

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