Google Analytics API Now Available To Developers

Google recently announced that the Google Analytics Data Export API which was in beta is now currently available to all developers. The API provides read-only access to your analytics data. On top of that, any data which is available through the standard analytics interface is available through this API meaning you could create your own desktop application to monitor your site versus using your browser. Now that the API is available to all, it will be interesting to see various widgets, gadgets, and applications spring up which allow you to easily keep tabs on your data in not so traditional ways.

For more information check out the official analytics blog post.

5 thoughts on “Google Analytics API Now Available To Developers

  1. This is indeed a great news. Google is always changing its algorithm and indeed other of their services. Thanks for sharing this to us.

  2. Glad to see Google is making it easier to monitor optimization efforts. Until now ‘Firefox SEO’ was giving Google a run for it’s money! Good to see there has been some movement! Fleur

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