Are You Filtering TinyURLs?

With only 140 characters to get your point across on Twitter, thank goodness for services that create TinyURLs. However, I’m starting to notice at least on my blog that commenter’s are linking to things using these types of links. While does allow you to create a special URL which contains the ability to preview where the link is going to go before you arrive their, all it takes these days to have your PC compromised is one click. I’ve started to remove those URLs from the comments made on my blog. Have you noticed the same trend? If so, are you allowing TinyURLs to be published on your blog or are you removing them?

6 thoughts on “Are You Filtering TinyURLs?

  1. I’ve noticed a slight increase lately. I can’t think of any compelling reason to mask or shorten any URL left in the comments on my blog so I filter them out.

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