Get A Performancing Blog!

With the advent of PFF, and after some thought, and talks, we’ve decided to do away with the present format of submitting stories for review by Performancing, and have opened up blogs for all members. You can now register or login with the form on the top right menu and post directly to your Performancing blog!

We’ve had the blogging forums for a while, and they remain the place to ask questions and seek help, but if you’d like to blog on the loose subject of professional blogging, then you can now go right ahead.

Using Performancing Firefox to Post

You can of course use Performancing Firefox to post. It’s pretty simple to do.

If you already have blogs in your blogs sidebar, then hit “add”, if not, launch the account wizard and fil in the details as follows:

  • Choose Movable Type Custom
  • The API url you need is
  • Enter your username and password (you’ll need to register of course)
  • Click categories, then check the box that fits your pro blogging topic
  • You’re all set, blog away!

Blog Directly from the Website

You can post to your blog from here also. Just hit the “create content” link on the right hand menu and choose “blog entry” or alternatively, hit the “my blog” link, then the “post new blog entry” link at the top of your blog.

Your Blog URL and Feed

Blog URL’s are permenant, as they work on your user id number, which is of course unique, and the same goes for your RSS, which you’ll find a nice familiar button for on your blog homepage.

Getting on the Home Page

Not all blog posts will make it to the homepage of course, but the best ones, those that are on topic and make good reading will go direct to the homepage.

A Couple of “donts”

Please don’t use your blog to promote, all entries fall under the normal guidelines and blatant self promo’s will be nuked, and the perpetrator whipped senseless with a knotted rope heh…

You May Need to Restart Firefox

If you’re already signed into your performancing blog (we’ve had the PFF blog available for a while) then restart firefox to see the new categories, and do tell me if I’ve missed any obvious ones.

User Pics

We’ve removed user photos from the posts themselves, though they remain in your profile, for the simple reason that it’s just to hard to enforce that the pics should be of the author, not the authors cat heh.. So though you’ll have to live without the dubious benefit of seeing my ugly mug on the homepage anymore, I should spend less time admin’ing and more time posting (er.. is that a good thing? hah.)


Have fun, and if you have any questions, just post here.

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