Lists are Soooo 2005!

Reading Darren’s 7 ways to get to the top of post im compelled to tell you that I think the “10 ways to stuff a walrus” type posts are history this year. Im not sure why, but personally Im a little bored of them, and I think we’ll see some new trends emerge in the next few months and this little list craze die out.

Darren does cover the HOWTO though, and I think that’s an all rounder, those things will always be a good way to make the del/pop list. What delicious readers want is simple stuff, it’s easy to read, easy to see why it’s useful and people like to spread knowledge.

Being simple is what makes lists work, I just think we’ll see less of them this year, as the low hanging fruit has been done to death now. Really, if I see one more “10 tips for bloggers” post i’ll puke. Seriously.

He did miss out the #1 all time greatest way to get del/pop’d though: Write about! But then that idea is embedded in the title i guess 🙂