Figuring Out Those Pesky File Extensions

Have you ever come across a file that you didn’t know how to open? There are thousands of file extensions in use today with the same amount of programs to open them. However, all of those programs are not loaded on your PC so when it comes time to open up an unknown file, how will you do it? If you’re using Windows, the operating system will ask you if you would like to browse the Web through Microsoft’s database to see if you can find a program to open up the unknown file extension. While you may find the information you need, Microsoft will not suggest free programs for you to use to open the file. This is where comes into play. provides detailed information about most file extension and links to free programs that can open and create each type of file. Extensions are viewable on the site by their first letter, by search, or by category. If the extension doesn’t exist, you can easily submit the extension with the details you know to the site where the administrators will take over.

The best thing OpenWith has to offer is the links to free programs which will open the extension in question. For example, I checked out the .HED extension which is for Hi-Eddi Images. I’ve never heard of these types of images but thankfully, OpenWith has. According to them, Hi-Eddi Images can be opened with a piece of software called XnView 1.91.6. I can either visit the official website for XnView or I can download the software straight from the OpenWith website. Plus one on the convenience factor. should certainly be added to your list of resourceful bookmarks. You’ll never know when your friends will send you that awesome movie or picture in a format you’ve never heard of.

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