Exchange Gears up for Beta!

A recent thread on performancing sparked some very quick dev work on our part to put together a plan we’d had on the back burner for some months. A marketplace for bloggers and companies wishing to hire, or engage those bloggers.

Think of it as a kind of craigslist meets job board for bloggers. Raj and Ahmed have kindly agreed to head up this new section of Performancing and we’re well set for launch next week.

Check Your Performancing Profiles!

Ahead of launch, we’ve already put a new profile system in place. I’ll be posting about it seperately, aswell as sending out an email to all members shortly, but for now — check out Ahmed and Raj’s links above, then go edit your own.. here’s how:

  1. Go to “my account” on the right
  2. Hit “edit” at the top
  3. Hit “professional details” at the top
  4. fill in details..

This should allow people to see at a glance whether Performancing members are for hire (in any capacity, such as paid bloggers, designers etc), see their background, and their blog and recent entries on Performancing.

Profiles will shortly be searchable by “for hire” also 🙂

I’ll outline some more on Performancing Exchange in coming posts, for now though, have fun with the new profiles, and let me know what you think of the idea in general — or ask questions.

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13 thoughts on “Exchange Gears up for Beta!

  1. I am totally fine with a voting system. I just had that funny feeling when I saw it and wanted to answer Nicks question about my thoughts on “different context”.

    It’s not disturbing me at all 🙂

  2. If you think it is worthy of the additional exposure a front page would give it, vote, if not don’t. Quite simple really if you think in terms of “is this note worthy enough to go on the homepage”.

  3. I agree with Markus, jobs are not easy to vote for. Most times we don’t even have all the information. For instance I can vote for a company hiring blogs after I have worked for them. Maybe the offer seems good but the guys are a bastards and don’t stick to their word. An article is an article. You like it or not. It’s easy to vote for it.

  4. really markus, it’s just a bit of fun, an experiment.

    either vote or dont vote, it wont really matter all that much

  5. Re: different context

    A job offer is something which exists until the contract is signed.

    A freelancer is offering different services. What to vote for?

    I can offer one article for syndication. That’s a very specific product and it’s pretty easy to vote for that product (or not).

    Somebody needs a job to feed his family. My sympathy will always be with such search. I will always vote for him.

    How to compare the votes?

  6. What different context?

    The voting is for members to vote which exchange nodes they think are good — ie job offers, jobs wanted, etc etc — those that reach a certain threshold get promoted to the homepage.

    We dont want the homepage to be full of these things, so we put only the best/most interesting up — voted by you….

    If it works out, we could make it prettier, and put it on all nodes, including blogs and forum posts..

  7. What is the voting supposed to be for? To me it is a little ‘fuzzy’ regarding the meaning in the different contexts.

  8. pretty good ideas brettburn, i’ll give that a bit of thought and see if we can come up with something..

  9. I dropped my Bio in. Not sure, if I have a sense of perspective for what Performancing is trying to accomplish, so I’d welcome any criticism on my bio.

    Maybe (not that I think I would win or anything) but you could offer up a Bio contest, best Bio (to be voted on by other users) wins 100 points or something.

    Or maybe an alternative would be ‘Featured Bio of the week’ to be setup somewhere in the lower right sidebar, so that we can all become more familiar with each other.

  10. This means it is time to *really* spruce up my bio. That must only mean –

    More work. *sigh*


  11. That is a great idea! It’ll be interesting to see if any travel bloggers sign up.

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