Drupal in the Spotlight

I’ve been developing websites with Drupal for nearly 3yrs now, and I’m still passionate about it. It’s a joy to work with as a programmer, and even straight out of the box you can build complex, or simple web2.0 enabled sites and applications with just a little investment of time and learning. So with that in mind, Im really pleased ot see Drupal getting more and more attention, and particularly happy to see the start of an IBM Developer Works Series focusing on the Open Source framework.

Really, if you’re contemplating building a community oriented site (aka web2.0), don’t reinvent the wheel….

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3 thoughts on “Drupal in the Spotlight

  1. I completely agree Harry, while the “under the hood” stuff is great, some warm and fuzzy stuff would attract more attention to the platform. Still there are people quietly building businesses on top of it so they are doing some stuff very right.

  2. I believe Drupal is currently under appreciated by end users. This may be due to the fact that it’s difficult to appreciate the full power of Drupal unless you’ve explored the developer API a bit, and this is not something the average user is going to be able to do. Most people are going to judge Drupal based on a stock installation, and Drupal does not come with a lot of glitz by default. Also, the administrative interface is notoriously confusing and unintuitive. I can see why a lot of folks might try it and consider it lacking when compared to shinier packages like Mambo.

    Drupal is not an application that should be judged by niceties like shiny icons or jazzy features. Rather, it should chosen because of it’s design, API and extensibility.

    Just wait. Once it has a shiny default theme and some tweaks in the default administrative interface, useage will explode.

    Don’t ask me when that will be. The core Drupal team is obsessed with stability and the API. The fluff tends to get overlooked

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