9 thoughts on “Do you use WWW in your domain name?

  1. Yeah, for sure… www gives some professional feeling… so i used it initially, and now no chance that i can change with so many backlinks with www included…

  2. I absolutely detest people who insist on using the www-subdomain for no actual reason. People will recognize the address as an URI because it starts with http:// or end in a tld. People see myblag.com, they’ll know it’s an URL without being reminded that webpages reside in what we call World Wide Web. The impact of not using www may or may not have on your PageRank is debatable at best. I’ve never force-fed www myself, but haven’t had any additional SEO-worries compared to people who do, as far as I can tell.

    This obsession with www has lead to some administrators configuring their webservers to not serve the correct content without the obsolete subdomain, or even worse have configured their DNS not to even have an A record for the root-domain but just the WWW-subdomain. I think even the www-fanboys can agree with me that this isn’t very productive or visitor-friendly.

    Another adverse effect that’s come of this is that non-techie people HAVE started thinking of URLs as strings contained between www. and .com. This is a result of forced www, not a reason to do it.

    As might be evident by the rambling nature of this comment, it was written during the course of about 6 hours while programming at the same time, so I might not have gotten all my points across as clearly as I’d preferred, but I think I managed to get the gist of it through.

  3. I personaly do use it for most of my sites. First, for most of them, it just looks better, for example, on my Student Finance Site, when I type it in a blog like this, it will become a link as shown here: http://www.student-edu.com

    Also, I have found it better for indexing pages. if you use www then all styles of searches come up like the following examples.

    However, it seems when you Don’t use www but search your site for indexed and backlinks and you enter the url WITH the www, it doesn’t show. But when you use the complete url with WWW then both will show the searched for backlinks or indexed pages.

  4. I don’t use www, but I do redirect anyone who goes to www to the non-www URL. For me I just hate the www’s personally and can’t bring myself to use it on something I run myself!

  5. I forgot the source but I’ve read somewhere following analogy – “Would people recognize it as URL if they see it on the street poster?”

    www makes address look clearly like an address which is very important. Of course my blog is accessible without www and it is corrected to www by htaccess.

  6. I don’t use www, why? because everybody knows that a blogs belong to the World Wide Web

    I dont have any problem with the pagerank, in google webmater tools you can select your URLS whit o whitout www

    PD: sorry my bad english (argentinian)

  7. The most common reason I see people sticking with one over the other is that they do not want page rank to be split between two domains. I actually use the WWW but I think giving domains names to people without the www makes them easier to access. Some of them actually look better to.

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