Do you even bother to optimize your archived posts?

Not that it’s hardcore, but there are bloggers who keep a rather meticulous watch on posts that have yielded them huge returns in views. Be it a seasonal event that has a recurring every year or a product update to a previously popular item, bloggers have been taught to maximize traffic (with a simple link mostly) by updating previous posts in the body with more than just using a related post plugin.

Blogging has changed, bringing less focus on well-constructed blog updates to the more “as-it-happens” rush of a Facebook timeline and Twitter. Given that the pulse of the Internet is more immediate in these times, do you still bother to scour your archives, edit previous posts and then re-blast them onto your social networks? Or is this too much work?

7 thoughts on “Do you even bother to optimize your archived posts?

  1. I wish I had the fortitude and the time to do it, but I don’t, and I feel guilty. I should schedule time for it — I know that there are great benefits to it.

  2. I try to create new post and spend time creating backlinks. Usually I do a pretty good job optimizing as I am writing a new post. I have a check list of things to do before I post it. I follow the checklist on every article and all my pages are relative. So I find it better to create the backlinks than spending time going over old post.

  3. I would optimize some archived posts depending on the topic. For instance, if the topic is something that readers would need to read over and over again, I occasionally update it and add some relevant and important items to it to keep it interesting. For other posts, however, I just keep them in tact in the archive and don’t worry so much about them.

  4. I’ve done it a few times but it’s more rarely now. Instead I’m trying my best to create pages with a collection of posts on one topic.

  5. Never do… I just move on and whenever something new comes along, I post a new, fresh post.

    I don’t see a point of constantly messing with the old posts. Doesn’t make any sense to me.


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