Dealing With Startup Anxiety

Whenever I think about starting a new blog or to start blogging on an established blog (like when I came onboard Performancing), there’s a strong feeling of apprehension and … fear.

What will I write about? Will anyone read it? What if no one comments? What if the blog doesn’t work? What if I run out of topics to blog about? How will I beat my rivals?

It’s a nightmare, I tell you.

The worst thing you can possibly do – and probably the biggest mistake I’ve made while blogging – is to not start earlier.

To quote someone wise (I’ve forgotten who said this):

The best time to start something was last year. The second best time is right now.

So the best bloggging advice you can get is – start blogging.

However, starting blogging blindly is not enough, so you need direction and focus. And that’s where my second biggest mistake comes in:

No end-game.

Do not – and I cannot emphasize this enough – do not launch without having some idea of what you want out of the blog and if necessary, how you will make your exit.

If it’s your personal blog, forget what I just said and go blog about your cat. But if you want to make money from blogging, have an endgame, an exit strategy in mind.

Being focused on the end result helps you disregard most of the non-essential stuff that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place – you’ll be focused on bringing in results while enjoying your blogging (assuming that you’re passionate about whatever it is that you’re blogging about).

And the best part – if you do these two things, you will sidestep 90% of the starting anxiety and jump right into the excitement of starting and growing a brand new blog.

One thought on “Dealing With Startup Anxiety

  1. Ahmed, I like your topic and your thoughts. I hear a lot about blogging anxiety, so it’s helpful to have something to pass along to people. My question, though, is about blogging exit strategy. I’m blogging as a support to my service-based business…so how would an exit strategy fit in there? Or would it?


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