CrossEngine, A Swiss Army Knife for Search

This is the most comprehensive, well designed and seriously useful Search tool I’ve used, ever. Checkout, for bloggers, journalists and hell, pretty much anyone who cares about finding information it’s an absolutely killer bit of kit!

The site is owned by Jaun C. Sosa, and no financial motive was apparent, but I really hope he gets some traction with it and the various services he’s tapping for info (results are in a frame..) dont get all shitty about it.

Found via the excellent Small Business SEM Blog, thanks Matt!

4 thoughts on “CrossEngine, A Swiss Army Knife for Search

  1. Thanks Nick – that is a really useful tool, a real time saver and I’ve bookmarked it.

    This makes researching topics just that much easier – just hope it lasts.

  2. What do mean no financial motive was apparent? Just because there are no blinking banners. What about those Adsense Ads that appear when you do a search? He gets a cut of that revenue for sure.

  3. You’re welcome, Nick — glad you found it as useful as I did. It was an instant bookmark for me.

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