Creating Visual Content For Your Blog

No doubt with the new Google PR rollout, there’ll be some laughing and some crying. If you fall into the latter category because your ranking dropped, it might be because you didn’t maintain your site. Thing is, it’s tough to come up with fresh content all the time. Even the most prolific of us can’t always maintain the productivity. Sure, you can fire off a bit of content every day, but if it doesn’t inspire you, it’s probably not your best work. However, there are numerous web tools – many of them free – that you can use to add a bit of life to your website or weblog, almost regardless of topic.

The one I’m focusing on lately is SplashCast, which I think is brilliant. It’s skinless, so it fits in very nicely on any web page. You can use any of the dozen or so size configurations or specify your own. Each slide or frame of a SplashCast can have documents, images or video. How’s that for versatility? I’ve been using the tool like mad, and now you can too. I’ve set up a new splashcasting tutorial at Tubetorial on how to create your own Internet music TV channel, and have also given an example Pearl Jam Splashcast (embedded below). Of course, you can use the same method to produce any kind of SplashCast on pretty much any topic. And word from SplashCast Media is that new features are being rolled out very soon.

So get to it. Don’t let your blog stagnate. Create a SplashCast or something similar. Most humans are visually stimulated. While there are still purists who want the web to only have text, the rest of us like visual content. It’s now easier than ever, and getting involved like this might just spark your interest back into writing. And if you don’t have any of your own content, you can always borrow some from Flickr or YouTube until you do.

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  1. one thing you need to keep in mind when adding videos to your blog is advertising, personally whenever I click on a video and I’m greeted with the ad before the video actually starts I hit the back button.

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