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There don’t seem to be any forum rules banning people from asking for a ‘valuation’ of their blog(s), so I’ll kick things off.

Started last July – Almost 1,000 unique articles. Multiple backlinks from, etc.

Varying traffic – 10,000+ uniques a month.

Google Pagerank – Very strong PR5

Alexa Rank – 50,000ish


Started only recently.

Rapidly growing traffic – 150ish uniques daily.

Google Pagerank – PR4 (We just launched before update!)

Alexa Rank – Don’t even ask – evidently car fans don’t use the toolbar. 😉


Launched alongside CarZi.

Zi Media Network includes both TechZi and CarZi, aswell as future branding opportunities.

Please note: I am NOT interested in selling – just want a rough idea of selling price. 😉 Maybe even a mock bid-out to see what you’d pay? 😉 Again – I stress I’m not selling.

9 thoughts on “Blog Valuation

  1. hi guys, is up for sale……completed its one year and generated over $3500 in first year of operation with PR3……contact samagg(at)gmail(dot)com
    Reserved price : $250
    Monthly uniques: 2100

  2. Yep – I’d stay on and blog for 6 months or so!

    As for revenue, it’s completely variable, but usually it’s at LEAST a minimum of $350 (often more). This is from various programs, networks and just recently, sponsored reviews too.

    350 x 24 = 8400… Add a bit for PageRank, domain ownership, traffic, etc… $9,000?

    If we use Ryan’s method of 36 months, then we get… $12,600… Rounds up to $13,000.

    Schaweet! But no. Not for sale for $1,000… $10,000 or even $100,000.

    I take that back. Somebody offer me $100,000. 😉 I’ll throw in a free cookie!

  3. @geeksaresexy: It depends. Sales of 18-24 months multiple do happen. Even 10 years worth of multiple. But 12-18 months is actually more standard. Then again, a high-value site can command a lot more, even up to 3 years. But it has to have a lot going for it, be under-monetized, and probably have the current writing/ editorial team stay on. Again, all depends on the buyer, as well as what the seller wants. I buy mainly for traffic.

  4. First, take your monthly income and multiply it by 18 to 24 months.. Then, add a bit for your PR, incomming links, domain ownership, and voila, you should have a good idea of what your blog is worth

    Kiltak [GAS]

  5. $1500-2000 sounds like a fair price, of course if you’re ever thinking of selling your sites, selling to whole “network” would definitely increase the value. Just don’t sell your site for 5 grand like harpzon (not sure if it’s worth that much anyway)

  6. David, this means nothing, but based on a very rough valuation and in comparison to another tech site I evaluated in greater detail, I’d say TechZi by itself should get at least $1500-2000. It really depends on what the buyer wants and what your current revenue is, etc. That range is just a base minimum, I’d say, though others may feel differently. There’ll be other factors to raise the final price, again depending on the buyer’s need.

    The fact that you have 1000 unique articles helps a fair bit, and the 10,000 unique visitors/mth. What’s the daily traffic?

  7. Nice to see that you’ve branched out. Some of the PR tools are showing 0, some 5 for TechZi. I know you are not actually selling, but you’d probably get more if you sold the whole network than piecemeal. Depends on the buyer.

    And as Mark asks above, it depends on whether you stay on board. Since you now have a blogosphere persona, leaving a site you built changes it. If you don’t stay on to usher in new writers, then anyone buying would only sensibly do so for PR, traffic, backlinks, and revenue (or potential).

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