Controversy Versus Content – Live!

My thoughts on controversy are that I would much rather have low traffic with a good brand than massive traffic and a poor brand. But that is just me, others believe the traffic is worth whatever backlash and all publicity is good publicity. Who is right? Well, we can see what happens as it happens as a story is just ending over at 1938media …

Step 1. Release a video that causes a blog storm.
Step 2. See stats have dropped back to normal levels so hatch a scheme to get them back up
Step 3. Release another controversial video

Step 4. Stir it up even more by banning a whole country
Step 5. Bask in your traffic
Step 6. ???
Step 7. Profit!!

Results are already coming in. You can see on Twitter and blogs “Loren who?”, “Racist?”, “Racist!”, “Not racist!” … Not the kind of publicity I would want, probably a text book case of exactly what you DON’T want brand-wise, but it is certainly bringing in the traffic.

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Controversy Versus Content – Live!

  1. I was reading somewhere and actually it was here about someone who seemed proud that he could upset people and probably drive a few over the edge in order to increase traffic. In my humble opinion that is a good way to create bad karma. And bad karma is not good for your blog. But more importantly it is not good for the blogger who may not always in his wisdom see around the next corner in time to avoid what is coming.

    Onward and Upward

    –C.S. Lewis

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  2. I wonder if Loren knows when he is “kidding”? I know people that will say something offensive, but when called on it, will say, “oh, I was kidding”.

    Loren pushes as far as he can, goes too far, get’s caught, and then tells you that you are an idiot for believing what he said. I hope that there is a extremely limited market for this approach and that this small market dries up completely in 2007.

    I don’t see anything positive in the latest bout between Loren and seesmic.

  3. I agree with Ryan. Loren’s brand is to offend people and create controversy. But I also think that’s probably part of his personality. I don’t know though. Negativity and fighting can only take you so far, IMHO.

  4. While I can’t speak for his motivations that is what people are saying about him. It’s hard to tell from the outside what his goal is isn’t it? But we do know people do use everything and anything to get attention and traffic, just look at TV reality shows 😉

  5. Personally? I’d never go out of my way to offend people from a nationality and culture standpoint and think it’s funny. The outside view of Americans is already shaky enough as it is – you’d think boosting the impression would be the goal, not degrading it further…

    So no. I think this was a really stupid move. If that’s what people do to make money and gain readers, that’s sad.

  6. Yes I think he is a video “shock jock”, but even shock jocks can be taken down by such allegations?

  7. Chris,
    Let’s remember that 1938media *has been* nominated as the most controversial blog. While it may not be the best route for everyone, I think that people go to Lauren for his honest, straight-to-the-point, rough-around-the-edges commentary and viewpoint.

    That’s his brand.

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