Comment Contest is a Winning Idea

I love contests and competitions as a way of bringing in readers, links and in this case comments to brand new blogs 451 Press have a bunch of new blogs going out and Chrispian Burks was nice enough to ask me if it was ok to post that thread in the forums — absolutey! More details on the 451 press site.

3 thoughts on “Comment Contest is a Winning Idea

  1. Hmm – interesting idea, can’t wait to see who wins! Just before the holidays, I tried the idea of getting people to signup for my rss feed and offered $1 to a charity if they were/are not happy.

    Side note… The post might be in the wrong forum… I am not sure how the classification of “services wanted” is/was appropriate. I thought the only things that go there are when you are looking to hire someone for money. This is a contest which I am guessing belongs in the off-topic chat perhaps.

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