Clue 3 In the Performancing Treasure Hunt

So we’re now two clues into the Performancing Treasure Hunt where you can win up to seven great prizes. Yesterday we let you search around the webernets for Clue 2. If the search log evidence is any indicator, lots of people are playing….and that’s fun;-)

So now it’s time to unveil Clue Number 3:

Clue #3: “Is Matt Cutts the link nazi”

Ok. So what are you supposed to do with the clue?

Well, here’s a 4 step algorithm for how to use the clue.

  1. Do a Google search on the exact clue phrase.
  2. Visit any page on the Internet that shows up in the Google SERPS for that phrase.
  3. Once you are on the page, find only the *outbound* links in the article.
  4. Write down the first letter of the domains of any *outbound* links.

So that’s how you get started. The earlier you start searching, the better, because the less chance there is of SERP corruption by mischiefs;-)

Once you’ve collected all the letters for a clue, try to unscramble them into a word.

Each clue represents one word. All the clues together will represent a phrase. The first person to identify that phrase wins the grand prize.

If you need confirmation that you’ve found the *official* pages of the Treasure Hunt, send me, Ryan a private message.