Chris Garrett Launches Release Free eBook: Killer Flagship Content

To mark the launch of, Chris Garrett, ex Performancing CTO and good friend of mine, has released a new, free eBook called Killer Flagship Content [pdf].

Having spent the last year working with Chris, im sure it will be Killer!

Let us know what you think….

6 thoughts on “Chris Garrett Launches Release Free eBook: Killer Flagship Content

  1. Chris, I’ve read all the book and want to say a big thank you.

    Despite the fact I know many of the points you are telling about, this book is a very good source of quick-tips about right blogging. It is kinda cheatsheet. I think you’ll get the benefit if you will then post it in your blog as regular entry too (because people often just too lazy to download pdf).

    Here’s some of my thoughts:

    – Flagship content becomes a trend. Or maybe it is just returning back — because in the good old days before web 2.0 such content was the only possibility to get users to content website. Then, blogs have appeared and therefore over-blogging rush has started. The crowd of thousands cloned posts about how your boss makes you sick or anything as much interesting as your breakfast has overwhelmed the web. It is going right now around us.

    – Now we have finished with a tons of splogs. But since people haven’t lose their mind completely, firm reasonable content is still valuable and will gain its weight more and more. The good illustration to this sentence is appearing of web-sites, who is aimed to collect only flagship content from their users and pay them for good articles. For example, the

    So that’s why your book is so important now.

    “10 Instant Flagship Content Ideas” is great think to mark-up as single page, print as A3 format poster and pin to the wall.

    And one thing you haven’t mentioned: Flasgship comments. Comments are content too. If you want to not look like one of the comment spammers you have to write smart comments and make it carefully. And as soon as you make prominent comment at popular resource, someone might pay attention to your writing and probably click the link behind the name in your comment.

    Now I’m looking at my previous comment here and think it could be better

  2. I’m soaking in it now, Madge. Looks great, Chris. A lot of hard work obviously. Thanks for sharing it with us, Nick.

  3. ‘im sure it will be killer’ ???

    you mean you haven’t read it? 😛

    I’m reading it as soon as its downloaded 😛

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