Changing the Guard: Chris Garrett Takes Over as CEO

Whilst planning our strategy for 2007, I came to the realization that this year, I was not the best person to lead the community, and that what we really needed was a totally fresh perspective on The Performancing Blog Ad Network and a community-centric approach to growing our business.

The best person to do this, is Chris Garrett. Without any shadow of a doubt.

Chris has been with us since day #1 and has not only lead the technology side of the company, but consistently been a favorite author on the Performanicng blog, and on the quiet, is an outstanding ideas man and marketer.

I know Chris will want to post himself, and layout some plans in due course, so for now, please welcome Chris Garrett as the new Performancing CEO.

Here’s to a fantastic 2007 everyone!

7 thoughts on “Changing the Guard: Chris Garrett Takes Over as CEO

  1. Well….. what can we say to the change of guard.

    But whatever said and done, it would be nice to have Nick on board and around, until the trnsitional stage is over. The market is slowly stabilising and am sure Nick can provide that extra back-up should he decide to stay on.

    Congratulations to both of you, one for a job well done and the other for getting there.

    As a closing note, why can’t we have 2 Presidents instead of one CEO ?

  2. Well I just found Performancing today, so I don’t know Nick, but it takes guts and true grit to know when it’s time to move on. Good Luck, and I’ve bookmarked your blog.

    Chris! Wow what an opportunity. Good Luck, and remember, the decisions that turn out about are worth their gold in experience, so don’t be afraid to take that chance. But you already knew that didn’t you!?!

  3. It’s been great working with you Nick – best of luck with future projects

    And good luck to Chris also!

  4. Nick you have done a spectacular job and I like the new guy too. Both of you are leaders in the professional blogger arena and I wish you both the best of luck.

  5. Good luck with your new projects and please do come back and visit when you have chance. 2007 will definitely be interesting, heh.

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