Change Of Plans For Tonights Episode

Unfortunately, Jim Kukral who was scheduled to be our special guest this evening on Perfcast will not be able to make it. However, we have rescheduled him for next Thursday instead. So tonight, instead of doing an interview, David and I will be gathering up some stories to discuss and we encourage you to join us. Call in and offer your opinion. Our last open mic show was a big success and I must admit, it was a lot of fun hearing the different perspectives from the various callers.

Tune in live tonight at 7P.M. EST on to listen to Perfcast, the show all about blogging.

3 thoughts on “Change Of Plans For Tonights Episode

  1. Thanks Deb for continuing to listen and support the show. The pop up story made for great podcasting fodder As you could tell, David nor I, more David though don’t like popups. Also, the consensus was that getting a popup one time on one site was not enough to keep us from coming back. Seeing the same popup each time we came back to that site, was. Also, Ad Block Plus in FireFox does not consider these pop up advertisements so they are not blocked. I’ve already seen a number of regular joe blogs trying this popup thing again and it’s already become annoying again.

  2. I can’t always listen live, but I do catch the podcast. I wanted to thank you for talking about the return of the popups. I hate them. Every time I visit ShoeMoney I get a popup asking me to subscribe to the newsletter and it’s annoying. It’s a great way to ensure I won’t be back. I’m very surprised many of these well-known probloggers are doing this, when a couple of years ago we all agreed we hated it.

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