Call for Performancing Authors

We’re in the process of revamping some of the site, mostly to make what you can actually do here more obvious. One of the things I think many miss is that each member has their own blog here. Subject matter is limited to the very broad subject of blogging, and things that affect bloggers, but it’s a great way to get some exposure for your ideas to a large audience.

We have a few good authors here regulary going to the homepage, but I’d love to see more. You can write a post for Performancing in three ways:

  1. Simply hit “create content” and choose “blog entry” and away you go..
  2. Use Performancing Firefox to post to your Performancing Blog
  3. Email me at [email protected] if you would like to have relevant posts from your blog syndicated here
  4. We’re pretty open to ideas, and would LOVE to see more women post, as well as a more diverse section of the membership in general.

    So do let me know if you’d like to be a featured author on, and feel free to ask any questions in this thread.

7 thoughts on “Call for Performancing Authors

  1. Sure, it certainly pays to guidelines aswell. As there is stuff in there about all kinds of things we try to avoid that is useful for authors.

  2. Nick, your post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I had a hard time figuring out the blogging thing here … though your tools here rock. Thanks for the clarification. I just posted my first blog entry. 🙂 -DM

  3. although I suspect that a LOT of these new people signed up just for stats tracking and have little idea of what Performancing is about…

    Hence Nick’s post.

  4. Good points Ahmed, and I will let Nick make the announcement but we have *significantly* more than 5000 members …

  5. Let me put on my devil’s advocate hat for a minute and look at your post.

    More to the point:

    Why should anyone blog for you?

    The answer I think goes missing in the all the hubbub about PFF and PM – Performancing is by far the largest community of bloggers…wait, let me put this in points

    1. Performancing has over 5000 members, last time I checked (which was over a week ago, so they’re probably higher – Nick?).

      While not all of them read the blog daily, a significant (over 50%) probably do, so posting on Performancing – and more importantly, having your own blog on Performancing – is a no-brainer in terms of marketing potential.

    2. If your post makes it to the front page (which it usually does if you have something valuable to contribute), you have instant reach to thousands of bloggers.

      Stop and think for a second. Bloggers, god dammit! These people love nothing else but to find something interesting anywhere and yap about it on their own blog. If you capture their attention and write something useful to them, chances are that someone will write about your post on their own blog.

      If you play this right, you might even be getting links to your own site/blog.

    3. It can’t be emphasised enough, methinks. This is a friggin’ brilliant marketing opportunity.

      Now if only I was smart enough to post more on my Perfomancing blog than write silly comments on Nick’s posts….

    4. Having said all that, you do need one thing – something useful to contribute. Luckily, our experiences in blogging and making money online are so varied that there’s almost always something new to share and discuss.

      For example, a lot of the advice given here on Performancing is from on a medium-to-advanced level – from people who are successful or just getting there.

      It would be awesome to see more posts from people at the starting curve where they are still earning less than $1 a day and sharing their insights. Basic stuff, I know, but you’d be surprised at how much people will have to contribute once you get going.

    There you go Nick. Thought your post lacked emphasis on why people should blog here, so this should help.

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