Blogging ROI Beyond Advertising

Money money money. How can we make more? Why am I not making enough? My feeds today seemed to be full of the same questions. I can understand it, we have all been there.

I think the main reason bloggers struggle to find ROI is because most of the advice out there is about adsense, advertising and commissions.

Blogging does not have to be all about the banners, aff and selling reviews.

What else do you have to offer? What more is there to gain?

We have spoken here at great length how bloggers can become master networkers. Networking alone brings in terrific opportunities that vastly overshadow most blogs advertising potential.

Then consider people like Seth Godin and Joel Spolsky. Neither are concerned about direct income because their businesses grow because of their blogs.

Of course for many of us the joy of blogging is its own reward!

Where do you find ROI from your blog?

7 thoughts on “Blogging ROI Beyond Advertising

  1. I can’t agree more. Blogging often will lead to many different opportunities beyond advertising and review.

    Don’t forget that ads and reviews are what business bloggers avoid because what they try to establish is brand awareness and build conversation with their customers. These are intangible but real. What is the ROI of branding?

  2. Yes you have to be in for the long haul, and that is why “enjoying the process” rather than looking to the bottom line helps. It’s like art, if you enjoy creating it then you will continue even if your paintings do not sell.

  3. I like what you said about networking, Chris. However, networking by nature is usually a long term deal that takes time and a lot of effort. However, if we stick with it, the monetary rewards for networking well is much better than anything AdSense could earn us.

  4. Much of the reward for me results from my enjoyment of blogging and writing. I also enjoy the interaction that comes with visiting and commenting on other blogs and having others visit and comment on mine.

    Most of my monetary return, though comes from static web material, not my blogs. I’m refocusing myself to improve some of on-line material and my blogs will be used to help grow those sites’ traffic, if I’m successful.

    Mike Goad

  5. Someday I hope to work for The State of Virginia promoting this lovely state as a travel destination. I’m doing it for free now. Hope they appreciate it!!!

    And it would also be fun to work for Nikon since I use the D70 every day and hopefully show the world what good photos it takes.

    But getting involved now in nickel and dime stuff would just be a distraction. And maybe it will always be like this. But people are looking at their computers more and watching television less every year that goes by. (In general and maybe). So it just seems to me that if you keep doing the keyword thing and your number of readers continues to increase….

    At some point they are going to come looking for you with something good.

  6. When it comes to Return Of Investment I always love the aspect that articles are available 7/24 and will gain readership over a long period of time.

    Even a low traffic blog with 50 readers per day will have 1500 readers every month.

    On the ROI is for sure the feedback from the community and to have a ready made platform/place for meta blogging be it in comments or own blog posts.

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