The Digg Effect

If there’s anything that running The Pope Blog has taught me, it’s that one mention in an A-list blog can you really turbocharge your traffic (in that case, it was Buzzmachine that did it). There’s the infamous Slashdot effect which used to bring down a lot of servers. And now there’s the Digg effect. Digg […]

Is Design Killing your Blog?

Every change you make has an impact. Cause and effect. Do you know what affect your changes are making? As we discuss elsewhere at Performancing, even the seemingly trivial changes can have massive impacts on usability, traffic and most off all advertising click throughs. What might look like a work of art to you and […]

With Linking, Careful the Company you Keep

A little known Google command can tell you what kind of company your blog is keeping. This is important because part of the way that Google ranks blogs and other sites is based upon their “neighborhood”, or “theme”. So, the question is, what kind of company are you keeping? Here’s how to find out: Enter […]

Blog Titles are Ads

It’s true, they are. Trust me on this. Whenever you write a title for a blog post, it’s an advert, it’s more than an advert, it’s the gateway to your content, the description of your content, the teaser to your content and an ambassador to your weblog. Really, this stuff is soooo important to get […]

RSS Ads Gaining Momentum

Feedster will announce the full automation of their RSS ads program today, at almost the exact same time that Feedburner announce that they will launch their RSS ad network. Oh boy, it’s all go in RSS adverting eh? Personally im not convinced that i’d want to put ads in my RSS just yet, and i’ve […]

High Ad CTR vs. User Annoyance

My last post on Adsense placement received an interesting comment about users getting annoyed by ads on blogs. High CTR and earnings are no good if a blog’s ad placement turns many users away and prevents it from getting inbound links. The important question is: does prominent placement of ads always annoy users? With some […]

Strength in Numbers: B5 Expands Network

B5Media have merged with About Weblogs. The merge will bring the total number of blogs under the B5 banner to 50. Power, and safety in numbers? Yes, i think so. This puts B5 squarely in the center of the emerging blog network industry, which is quite an achievment considering the network is only a few […] – Self Serving Nonsense or Food for All?

Jason Calacanis has announced plans to build a weblog ad directory where bloggers can pay to submit their sites, and have them ranked by their traffic so that prospective advertisers can find and contact relevant blogs. There are some problems i see with this, not least of which is the fact that on the surface […]