The Dao of Your Blog Content

Not all blog topics are created equal. Likewise, different blogs will do better with different types of content. If you’re in it to make money, it’s worth taking a look at what type of content will earn your particular blog the most money–the Dao of Your Blog Content. There are a million different aspects of […]

Dealing with Writer’s Block

Some bloggers seem to have a never-ending stream of loquacious verbiage to spew forth. As for me, I’m not a writer at heart–I just try to be. There are tons of things to write about blog monetization, but sitting down this morning I still hit writer’s block. How did I deal with it? Experience told […]

Measuring Blog Success

When starting a blog it is helpful to have a goal, some clear idea of why you are writing. Once launched you need to have some way of measuring your success towards that goal. I want to talk to you about some ways to think about tracking your success, because at the end of the […]

Keeping the Feed Beast Chained

If you’re anything like me, your list of feed subscriptions is an unruly beast at best, and an absolute horror of time and attention devouring evil at worst. Yes we need to be subscribed to feeds in order to blog on our given subjects, but is having over 400 subscriptions good research, or poor feed […]

Product Blogs for Women — Amazing Profit Potential!

With all the dozens of blog networks out there, sometimes I get a sick of seeing the newest gadgets weblog. But when I see a blog like Manolo’s Shoe Blog, I get excited again. Yes, it has a unique hook and good content–but what really excites me is the profit potential. My first thought was […]

Jumping the Technorati Top Blogs List

It seems Technorati’s algorithm is not working effectively (read, broken) to rank blogs on their true worth. This post shows how one Blogger leapfrogged their system by mistake. Any algorithm based purely on the number of links pointing at your blog is not going to be very effective and is bound to be gamed – […]

Welcome to Performancing!

Thanks for stopping by Performancing where you will find information and tips on commercial blogging. We have put together a great team of experts to bring you the latest news, tips, and commentary from the world of commercial blogging. Our team is looking forward to bringing you the latest on topics such as: ad systems […]


Admittedly, “postvertising” is probably the most annoying word you’ll ever read. I’m talking about the practice of getting paid to post on your blog to promote and link to a company or product. It isn’t new, but there are more sightings of this practice all the time. I think Duncan poses the question best: “Easy […]