Six Signs of Blog Launch Addiction

As I sit here, bearded, pinpoint eyed and buzzing through sleep deprivation, I wonder if those crucial first days of a blog launch are truly the crack cocaine of the blogosphere?

I think they are. I only managed 2hrs sleep last night, i’ve given up shaving entirely, and am living off of a steady stream of caffeine, adreneline and nicotene. Truly i am not a thing of beauty right now.

Oddly though, I feel great.

Six Signs of Blog Launch Addiction

Here are six tell tale signs of serious blog launch addiction, if you suffer from any of these ailments during a launch, you should consult your feed reader immediateley.

  1. You click your own sites bloglines subscription every half hour praying that’s they’ve updated the stats, and that you have more subscribers
  2. You IM or email someone every time you get a new comment
  3. You find yourself checking stats for incoming links every 10mins
  4. You loose sleep
  5. You forget to eat
  6. Family and friends become all but distant memories, albeit temporarily 🙂

The first few days of a new launch are tough on body and mind, but they’re full of excitement and passion for the project. This is where you define yourself in the blogosphere, and im unashamed to be addicted to the buzz it gives me.

So far, we have 85 bloglines subs and 75registered memebers, and it’s only day 3. As far as im concerned, we’re on a roll!