Spreading the Performancing Word

Despite driving Chris to distraction, as he’s the member of the Performancing team that generally keeps us all ordered, we’ve started a slow, small campaign to get the word out about the site. It’s not entirely adhoc, there is rhyme in the reason for sure, but we’re winging it to a certain extent also, because that’s how we like to approach these things.

One of the first things we did was to post to delicious, and ask our friends that thought us worthy of a bookmark to do likewise. If you like the site, please do so too 🙂

We’ve also pinged a few mates, and aquaintences who run blogs that have readerships that may enjoy Performancing. Naturally. Darren over at Problogger was kind enough to mention us, and so have a number of other people, which is fantastic, because as far as im concerned, a referal from a personal recommendation is worth 10 adwords clicks anyday!

Saying that though, we’ve just sent out a small Adwords campaign site-targeting such sites as Technorati in order to reach a wider audience, and are plannning on using Feedburner next week and FM Publishing also.

Blog Explosion

One of the more interesting one’s we did was Blog Explosion, i can’t claim to understand how it’s supposed to work, and i didn’t place the ad, but we paid for 25K worth of visits for about $140 – at that price it seems like either a con, or vastly undervalued.

Philipp tells us only 1 in 5 visits will give the site a proper look, but at that silly price it hardly seems to matter.

We’ll be doing some other stuff, and will keep you informed, as informal as it may be, even a loose case study like this may prove useful to you guys if we try to document it.


I’d love to hear if anyone else has ideas on what we can do to kick start. Maybe something we’ve not thought of, or something obvious that we’ve missed.

I’d like to know what you do to promote a new blog!