Blast From The Past – Monetization

Monetization sure is a popular topic, one that Performancing has covered time and time again with awesome in depth information. Today, we’ll take a trip to the past to rediscover this great content to help you monetize your site or perhaps, spring to life some new ideas.

  1. How to create Intelligent Blog Ads – Chris Garrett


    If you want to squeeze every last drop of revenue potential out of your blog without annoying your loyal visitors then you need to be a bit clever about the way you display advertising.

  2. How to create Intelligent Blog Ads – Part 2 – Chris Garrett


    What can we do about recognising first-time readers versus regular readers? The idea is a first timer is more likely to click ads and less likely to sign up, while a regular reader is more likely to subscribe to your feed and also more likely to get annoyed by over the top advertising.

  3. How to add E-Commerce to your blog – Chris Garrett


    So you want to sell products directly from your blog? We have already decided it could be a great idea for creating revenue, let’s take a look at how exactly we add ecommerce capability to your blog.

  4. Monetizing through packaged content – Chris Garrett


    Aside from the community aspects of blogs one thing blogs generate is a lot of content. While most bloggers will at least consider advertising to generate revenue, are you missing a trick by not packaging and selling your information as a product?

  5. Make money blogging via paid subscriptions – Andy Hagans


    Yes, you can make money by charging for some of your content.

  6. Monetizing your Blog Archives – Nick Wilson


    Using time-sensitive advertising to profit from blog archives.

  7. Affiliate Tips for Bloggers – Chris Garrett


    10 excellent tips to get you started on affiliate marketing.

  8. Supplement your blogging income with e-reports – Raj Dash


    If your topics are timeless, over 3-10 years you may earn some nice returns for 10-20 hours of work per month. So in the second year, you’ll have sales of new reports and older reports. In a couple of years, you could very well commit full-time and not have to rely on contextual advertising.

  9. How To: Create Intelligent Amazon Associates Ads – Chris Garrett


    Using a bit of PHP programming, geo-targeting and creative solutions, you can maximize your affiliate earnings.

  10. How To Squeeze More Income Out Of Your Blog – Ryan Caldwell


    The basic way to monetize your site is through a couple of ads on it, but if you plan things ahead and think in terms of monetizable ‘regions’ and ‘sections’ instead of one ‘blog’, it will change things completely.

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  1. Awesome. This is a fantastic list Jeff. I’d like to see more of these lists out of Performancing in the future. But make sure to include more Ryan Caldwell articles;-)

  2. Thanks for aggregating these great articles. I remember reading some of them back in the day. I’m checking them out again because it’s a good idea to review monetization tips and principles.

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