Back from the Grave: Old Posts Get New Life

If we had a list of “classic” Performancing posts then I would nominate my old “Killer Post Ideas” as my contribution. I’m not just tooting my horn here, this post has been round the block and back once or twice now. Just this week what do you know it reared its head in the blogosphere once again. Is there no killing this thing? Heh

How the heck did it appear on popular and Lifehacker half a year from publishing even though I could have sworn everyone who might be interested had already seen it, linked it/slagged it and forgotten about it?

Nick and I are just as bemused as you probably are. All we can think is there is more power to the “interlinking strategy” than even we thought (buried in the content I linked to the article by way of example).

Here is what I have learned

  • There is a bigger audience for your thoughts than you think
  • Not everyone links, comments or bookmarks a post first time round even if they are inclined to
  • People who post snarky comments don’t like “top tens”
  • People who bookmark and link LOVE “top tens”
  • The best viral tactics work even months after and even accidentally
  • Original content rewards over and over
  • Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best

I recommend you put up links to your golden oldie content right now!

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3 thoughts on “Back from the Grave: Old Posts Get New Life

  1. Lifehacker has a new writer and is posting stuff that was previously on there, though it’s good stuff and since their site has tons of new users, rehashing isn’t such a bad thing.

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