Announcing Performancing for Firefox Handbook

With the release of Performancing for Firefox 1.1 and all the features that come with it, a single page of information wasn’t going to cut it, so we thought we had better create some more comprehensive documentation. Announcing the Performancing for Firefox Handbook.

While I have made a start on it we would really like you to contribute! Comments that clarify points are welcome but also you can contribute new pages too. For example, do you use a blog platform that is not on the default list? Please tell everyone how to use PFF with it. Just like the extension itself, we can only make it really great with your help.

You can post on your performancing blog and let us know so we can add it. The not so comprehensive style guide is here, please read it before contributing.

2 thoughts on “Announcing Performancing for Firefox Handbook

  1. @escoles: Actually, as far as I know, Nick (or someone else) disconnected the information on Performancing before the sale.

  2. … well, all documentation, at least: The link to the handbook now forwards into a more or less content-free “ScribeFire” holding page.

    Better practice for usability (and internet marketing, for that matter) would have been for Performancing to earn (and preserve!) goodwill by continuing to host the handbook until ScribeFire had found hosting and gotten all the content exported into a new database.

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