Announcing Easy Ads – Dynamic, Simple Blog Advertising

Many of us don’t have killer Photoshop skills. We have been hearing from Partners Advertisers that they need an easy way to put an ad together without having to hire a designer, with an emphasis on “ease” and “speed”. Taking this feedback on board we have built a new system for Performancing Partners; “Easy Ads”.

The launch of Easy Ads also marks the official opening of Performancing Partners to advertisers. We’ve been open to publishers for a couple of weeks, and have even been taking orders from advanced advertisers, but now we feel we’ve got all the advertiser features and tools in place and are ready to start pushing that side Partners.


Easy Ads has one mission, and that is to create a text based graphic to draw attention and click throughs. Because of this simple goal there is just enough flexibility to do that, and only that. While there are considerable branding benefits possible with graphical ads (and it’s always been possible to upload 125×125 ads on the system), what you are aiming for is to get attention enough that the visitor will roll over the ad, see the hover box and click.

To create an ad you simply type your text in the first box and use the formatting tools just like a word processor or PFF, setting the colours, alignment, border, font and font size. The live preview will show you exactly what the finished product will look like. When you are happy you can move on to the next screen where you choose your rollover text and destination URL, etc.

As a first stab at this we think it works pretty well. Feedback from beta testers was positive but of course we need to know what advertisers make of it. It is after all there to be useful! Please do take it for a test drive and tell us what you think?

Please take Easy Ads for a test drive and tell us what you think!

6 thoughts on “Announcing Easy Ads – Dynamic, Simple Blog Advertising

  1. I can use blog explosion and have. But not adsense with blog explosion since that would violate adsense rules.

  2. One thing is I’m currently using blog explosion, because I would rather not monetize my site right now. The one ad I do have up doesn’t seem to get any money. Second, is like adsense you can’t use things like blogexplosion. Well, will it be the same way with partners?

  3. Its really good to see that some of the suggestions given by beta testers had been put into work.

    Preview and text sizing where one of the major ones.Good work


  4. Here’s an idea: I’ve seen my ad space go unused for a month now. From 4 blocks, I only have one ad. I’ll gladly donate my unused space to fellow partners, in exchange for the same treatment.

    If the quality of the design or the content is an issue, maybe we can opt-in to the exchange, and Performancing could generate an automated “house-ad-looking” text ad to advertise a random blog on a random space within the Partners net.

  5. Chris, you may want to add “” to the list of apps. It’s free and open source, and similar to Fireworks/ Illustrator. You can export to several formats. It’s easy to use, works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. My old Windows copy from late 2005 was a bit buggy, but it’s a nice program.

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