Alternative Niche Ideas #1: Ethnic Nicheing

We’re all familiar with the oversaturated niches. Anything mainstream American is oversaturated. Cell phones, gadgets, celebrity. Anything mainstream techie is also oversaturated. SEO, PHP, web development, blogging.

Some of the oversaturated niches still have room to squeeze out decent profits. But many of you might be looking for alternative niches to explore. And rather than wrecking your brain trying to think of that one under-represented main-stream product, it might be worth thinking outside of the box a bit.

Before I move on, let me just say one thing: there’s a reason for niche oversaturation. Niches that are oversaturated have at least two things going for them. First, they have high advertiser representation. Second, they have a proven readership/client base. In other words, there is excess money being thrown around in these niches.

If you’re going to explore some alternative niches, you need to be aware that some of the value in conquering these newer niches lies in longer-term equity. Sure, there can be immediate profits, but when you explore alternative niches, you are partially betting that these niches will grow, expand, and perhaps become mainstream (along with mainstream advertisers).

One very nice way to do alternative nicheing is to identify a mainstream niche and then throw an ethnic spin on it. Think celebrity is oversaturated? Why not become a major player in the Latino Celebrity market? Having trouble breaking into the soccer/futball market? Why not do a blog on Latino futball players.

By adding an ethnic angle to any niche, you increase the level of specificity and decrease your competition. If you play your cards right, you can have a much easier time breaking into a popular sub-market for a popular niche.

2 thoughts on “Alternative Niche Ideas #1: Ethnic Nicheing

  1. Great idea Ryan. Plus if your niche blog takes off it could help another related blog because the niche one would be viewed as having some authority and trust if its developed for the long term.

  2. Great post. It makes a lot of sense. This is a simple tactic but it could prove very profitable to action-oriented bloggers.

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